8th October 2020

MICCAI 2020 Virtual Satellite Event

fully online presentation, poster and coffee sessions

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09/10/2020 Proceedings are now available here (or login with your MICCAI credentials here)

09/10/2020 Thanks everyone for an amazing PIPPI 2020, see you all next year!

08/10/2020 Congratulations to our PIPPI 2020 best paper winner Junshen Xu! A collection of Pippi Longstocking short stories will be on its way to you shortly!

08/10/2020 PIPPI is five today!

01/10/2020 One week to go! Check out our social media updates for for news.

03/09/2020 We can announce the abstract for invited speaker Michael Aertsen:
Fetal MRI of the central nervous system
Fetal MRI is an important adjunct to prenatal ultrasound for the detection exploration and prognostication of in utero abnormalities. In the beginning maternal sedation was used but this was abandoned due to improved acquisition techniques. Furthermore there is an increasing use of more functional techniques (DWI, DTI, BOLD imaging) to add in the prognostication of certain fetal abnormalities. With the growing applications of AI, new possibilities are available in fetal imaging due to motion correction allowing for volumetric analysis, shape analysis and more robust functional imaging.

01/09/2020 We can announce the abstract for keynote speaker Polina Golland:
From Pixels to Clinical Insight: Placental MRI Analysis
Placental MRI presents many challenges for constructing biomarkers of normal development and pathology. We introduce a set of computational tools that support image based studies of the placental anatomy and function. The goal of the talk is to encourage discussion of open problems and potential directions for advancing our understanding of the placenta through imaging and analysis.

05/08/2020 Review notifications have been sent, thank you to everyone who submitted their work - we are looking forward to publishing the full programme soon for the 5th PIPPI workshop!

08/07/2020 The review process has now started, watch this space!

07/07/2020 We are delighted to announce our second invited speaker will be Michael Aertsen, consultant paediatric radiologist from KU Leuven.

01/07/2020 The deadline for full-paper submissions has been extended to 7th July!

13/06/2020 New this year, we will be allowing submissions of one-page abstracts to our poster session describing new and preliminary results - see our participation page for more details.

05/05/2020 We are excited to announce that PIPPI2020 will be held entirely online and that our keynote speaker will be Prof. Polina Golland from MIT. Online Submission is now open at our PIPPI 2020 CMT site. Preparations for our online workshop are ongoing - so watch this space!

01/05/2020 Find us on Twitter at @PIPPIworkshop!

01/05/2020 Workshop Flyer Here


The application of sophisticated analysis tools to fetal, neonatal and paediatric imaging data is of interest to a substantial proportion of the MICCAI community. It has gained additional interest especially in recent years, with the successful large scale open data initiatives such as the developing Human Connectome Project, the Baby Connectome Project, and the NIH-funded Human Placenta Project. These projects enable researchers without access to perinatal scanning facilities to bring in their image analysis expertise and domain knowledge. Advanced medical image analysis allows the detailed scientific study of conditions such as prematurity and the study of both normal singleton and twin development in addition to less common conditions unique to childhood. This workshop will complement the main MICCAI conference by providing a focused discussion of perinatal and paediatric image analysis that is not possible within the main conference.

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