MICCAI Workshop on Fetal and InFant Image analysis (FIFI 2017)

This year's workshop proceedings have been published in a joint LNCS workshop proceedings volume here!


The application of sophisticated analysis tools to fetal, infant and paediatric imaging data is of interest to a substantial proportion of the MICCAI community. The main objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers in the MICCAI community to discuss the challenges of image analysis techniques as applied to the preterm, perinatal and paediatric setting. Advanced medical image analysis allows the detailed scientific study of conditions such as prematurity and the study of both normal singleton and twin development in addition to less common conditions unique to childhood. This workshop will bring together methods and experience from researchers and authors working on these younger cohorts and will provide a forum for the open discussion of advanced image analysis approaches focused on the analysis of growth and development in the fetal, preterm and paediatric period.

Last year, the PIPPI workshop was successfully held on Friday 21st October 2016. For more information, see here

Best Presentation Prize 2017

This year's best presentation prize, a collection of Fifi Brindacier short stories was awarded to Ana Namburete for her work entitiled: Robust Regression of Brain Maturation from 3D Fetal Neurosonography using CRNs.

Many Congratulations to her!

Keynote Lecture

Capturing structural and functional fetal brain development

Georg Langs

Computational Imaging Research Lab, Medical University of Vienna

Topics of interest

Methods of interest cover the full scope of medical image analysis, but there must be an application to younger cohorts or to the long term outcomes of perinatal conditions.

Topics may include:
- Image Registration, Segmentation or Classification
- Image Reconstruction
- Atlas Construction
- Diffusion Imaging (including tractography applications)
- Longitudinal and Cross-sectional Studies
- Advanced structural imaging (e.g. advanced DWI or g-ratio analysis)
- Advanced functional imaging (e.g. network-based analysis)
- Fetal and/or placental image analysis
- Cardio-pulmonary Image analysis
- Abdominal Imaging
- Measurement of long-term cognitive outcome
- Correlation of imaging biomarkers with functional measurements

Previous Best Presentation Prizes

The Best Presentation Prize in 2016, a collection of Pippi short stories, was awarded by the session chairs to Ernst Schwartz for his work entitled: Spatio-Temporal Modelling of Laminar Neurodevelopment from Fetal MRI.

Important Information

Workshop Date: 10th September 2017 PM
Workshop Location: Room 203, Quebec City Convention Centre
Workshop Deadline: 14th June 2017

Why Submit to FIFI?

- To disseminate new work to the most relevant members of the MICCAI community

- To take part in discussion of new techniques for imaging of younger cohorts.